The pickups of Devilstone is its original vintage series
that have been developped to make the stroke sounds brighter and clearer than ever.
They are chosen from the several tested vintage pickups
that have been designed to have a good balance with the bobbins and the polepiece
while examining wire and coil winding.

Each string is set on the titanium saddle that enables sonic waves last 12%`20% longer
as compared with usual saddles, which means longer sound sustaintion.
The accoustic pressure of each string always keeps good level and you can enjoy confortable resonance
between the strings.
0.10-0.46 string gauges and the jumbo fret are also compatible with the titanium saddle.

It has been a common problem that noises are often gained when choosing the half-posision by the pickup selecter,
however these pickups on Devil stone gives you ideal half-tone with least noise
by putting the middle-pickup's phase opposite and winding the coil backwards.

Furthermore, this guitar let the rear pickup express various sounds that performe
efficiently on the practical use
by letting the resistance vary between the front pickup and the rear pickup
while usual tone controls changes the resistance between them.

In the perspective that the stability of tuning could be quite an important element on the practice,
the conbination of 2 point-supported Steel block, Sperzel MachineHead and Graphite nut
is adopted for the bridge.

Sperzel locking tuners enables rapid re-stringing and presice tuning.
Players just have to insert the string end into the hole in the tuner's shaft
and stabilize it with the locking knob on the back side.
Least winding on the tuner's shaft let the guitar stay in the precise tune
even when choking or plaing with the arm.

Those tuners made from alminium alloy are quite light and let the string vibrations fully reach to the headstock,
which eventually let the whole neck resonate well.

Of course the finishing is also carefully desined.
The back of the neck is coated with sealer-lighter than to urethan coating,
and the body is glossy ultrathin poly-finish which is thinner than usual lacquer finish by 40%.

The paiting on the headstock, the pickup cover and the control knobs are all black
that gives the masculine look of the guitar and the white-pearl pickguard adds luxurius air.

œ Body
Joint:Round Cut

œ Neck

Neck Shape:U-Shape
Finger Board:Rosewood
Finger Board R:250mmR
Nut Scale:42mm/21F Scale:56mm
Frets:22F SBB215

œ Color&Body Finish
BodyColor:Metallic Perple

œ Hardware
Tremoro Units:510TS

œ Electronics
Neck PU:
DST-S Vintage-N
Middle PU:
DST-S Vintage-M
Bridge PU:DST-S Vintage-B
JackPlate:Switch Craft

œ Control
Control:‚PVol/‚QTone/5Way Switch
Tone Control:Neck&Bridge PU

œ Other
Case:Ultra light hardcase

Copyright(C) Kurosawa Music Creation